STARFRIT PERSONAL BLENDER, APPLIANCES, Styles For Home Garden & Living, Styles For Home Garden & Living


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The Starfrit Electric Personal Blender is the perfect to make your favorite smoothies, protein mixtures
and with its handy lids, great for on-the-go breakfast preparations!

> 2 specially-designed stainless steel blades included - Blending (cross blade) & grinding (flat blade)
> Blending blade crushes ice into snow in seconds - ideal For frozen drinks and smoothies
> Grinding blade - Ideal to grind coffee beans, nuts and spices
> 3 speeds - High, Low and Pulse control
> Includes 2 large cups (28 oz or 82 8ml) and 2 To-Go lids - great for individual use or for families
> Security feature - blender will not operate unless blade lid is securely tightened on cup
> Non-stick suction feet prevents blender from moving while in use
> Easy storage
> Powerful 300-Watt motor
> All parts are dishwasher safe & BPA free
> cUL and ULu certified (Canada and USA)