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It’s finally time to say farewell to the time-consuming and fussy task of peeling potatoes.

The Electric Rotato Express, Starfrit’s new automatic potato peeler makes peeling potatoes easier than ever. All you have to do is set a potato on the spiked base, press a button, and watch as the peel is removed in seconds. Once you’ve turned on the machine, the entire process is hands-free, so you can save time by continuing the work on other tasks in the kitchen while the gadget does all of the work for you.

But the Electric Rotato Express doesn’t work with just potatoes. You can use it on just about any fruit or vegetable that you need to peel, including zucchinis, cucumbers, apples, mangoes, tomatoes, kiwis and more. The top arm slides down to hold any size fruit or vegetable and lock it into place, and the cutting arm automatically adjusts to account for any shape.

The peeler removes only a very thin layer of the skin in one continuous, even strand. This results in very little waste that preserves as much of the fruit or vegetable as possible. Depending on the fruit or vegetable peel you have, you don’t have to let that part go to waste. Chop the cucumber peel into pieces and use it to top a salad, or add the zucchini peel to a stirfry to take the flavor up a notch.

There are many ways to use the Electric Potato Express beyond just simply peeling fruits and vegetables. Take zucchini: After you’ve removed the peel initially, you can move the arm back to the top of the squash and run the gadget over and over again to create perfectly even, long zucchini pasta strands. Or take a potato, and before using the machine to remove the peel, score it lengthwise into sections without cutting all the way into the middle. When you place it on the peeler, the Electric Rotato Express will turn your potato into perfectly sized strips for hashbrowns—just keep restarting the machine until it reaches the center of the potato.

It even works on fruits and vegetables you may not think about peeling with a standard hand peeler. It’s strong enough to work on tough-skinned foods, such as lemons and limes. Use those peeled strips of skin to create fancy drink or dessert garnishes.

If you’re looking to save time and make cleanup a snap, you’ll definitely want to add the Electric Potato Express automatic potato peeler to your kitchen.